Have you come across certain dreams which is so ridiculously close to your understanding of the world that you cannot differentiate between real from dream?

Among the few experiences before, the most recent one is from my dream of time travel.

Before I proceed, this is what I understand about…

This is an opinionated article about my fellow Indians and the mentality that has been developed in recent past, mostly driven by addiction to online media.

“Am I affected personally? No? Ok, never mind, it is not my problem!” …

What about language?

India — a country of various cultures and beliefs united by a notion of “One Nation”.

Recently I came across this news about languages and few things were annoying my mind. …

Before we start let’s get on the same page w.r.t. some concepts:

  • Knowledge: Awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.

    Knowledgeable people have a great sense of understanding about the problem and have an organized way to tackle it.
  • Discipline: The practice of training people to…

Cryptic words a.k.a. शेर-o-शायरी

मैं उन अंको की तरह हूं, जिनको तुम जोड़ती हो…

मैं उन अंको की तरह हूं, जिनको तुम जोड़ती हो…

बस कोई बराबरी ना कर जाए,

तुम मेरे साथ LHS में ही जचती हो।

— — — — — — — — — — — —…

So… what do you want?

The thing that others have,

or the thing that others don’t?

The thing that your close ones want,

or the thing that your close ones need?

The thing that you always wanted,

or the thing that you need now?

The thing that you planned for,

or the thing that you dreamt about?

The thing that your family has,

or the thing that your family doesn’t?

The thing that makes you happy,

or the thing that makes your close one’s happy?

So… what do you want?

Your “want” keeps changing and that’s perfectly normal. Make sure to fulfil your “need” before your “want” because your “want” can never be fulfilled.

I hope you start next year with a better begining than the last!

Happy new year in advance!

Knowledge is never enough for seekers and never accurate of believers

Disclaimer — it might be technical with some calculation. In case you hate either or both, wait for another post! :)

First, let’s start with basics — Suppose you have been given 3 colors of ring and asked, how…

Disclaimer: It’s a love story! so if you’re not interested, it might just be a boring way to spend time!

Pardon me if there are any mistake in “tense” or “voice” of the sentences.

One of my friend told me about it today morning and more than I awe’d about…

Few conjecture on Life

The more you think you understand life, the more it changes

Yes, I know a very cliche title with not so unique quote wouldn’t serve as a click bait.. but hey, thank you for coming here and joining me! (y)

Today, the day was special.. I…

जो कहना ना था… वह बताया ही क्यूं।

जो सुन्ना ना था… वह पूछा ही कयूं।

जो लेना ना था... वह मांगा ही क्यूं।


ज़िन्दगी ने रुख मोड़ा तभी… जब आप में मैंने देखा सभी।

आंसूओं को लेने दी ना दिल में जगह कहीं.. …

Gautam Singh

Deterministic idiot

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