A glimpse of time travel

Have you come across certain dreams which is so ridiculously close to your understanding of the world that you cannot differentiate between real from dream?

Among the few experiences before, the most recent one is from my dream of time travel.

Before I proceed, this is what I understand about time travel:

  1. When you time travel, the time “travels” differently for you than rest of the people. For e.g. if I go back 10 yrs and then come back to current time in 5 minutes, people will have spent more than 5 minutes.

If this already sounds dizzy, here’s your chance to bounce back! ;)

For the rest of us, lets begin!

When I went to bed after long hours of work for past several days — I was thrown on to a family lunch table. After having lunch I left for small drive across the bridge near my home.

To my surprise as soon as I crossed the bridge I was greeted with an unfamiliar place where one of my friend-cum-bike riding partner was out on vacation with his family. I realised that he was at this place, where he once told me about spending his vacation 2 years ago. To my initial thought process, I thought he came back to the same place. I greeted him and asked about how he feels about the place, having visited before and after Covid restrictions (yes this was also part of my dream, Sad!!). He was surprised and told me that he is visiting this place for the first time. To my confusion, I rolled through the older photos he sent me and showed him that. He was as surprised and confused as I was! We took a walk to talk about it and somewhere in my mind, I was connecting dots for the possibility of time travel.

After talking with him, I understood that he is not the same person I knew of years later. After confirming that it is 2019, I was alarmed because I know what #2 could cause. I carefully weighed about what I talk about and have little to no mention of what happens in future, especially the Covid situation.

After having a conversation about how this could have happened, like him I too couldn’t quite tell what did I do to cause it. All I know that crossing the bridge sent me back to this time, and by ‘common sense’ I theorised that crossing it from the other side will take me back. After a good random conversation for about an hour, I told him to keep travelling as much as he can while he still can! We greeted each other and he insisted to drop me till the start of the bridge from where I will cross it and go back to “my” time.

After I crossed the bridge, while heading towards my home, I realised that quite a few things have changed. After knowing what time it is, I was devastated to know that it was 2040 (I left in Dec, 2021). I rushed to my home and saw that my home was not occupied by my family anymore. Some teens occupied my room, some unknown shops popped up around my home, owned by unknown people.

I was dumbstuck and started to have tears in my eye knowing that maybe my parents wouldn’t be around anymore, maybe they thought I died, maybe they thought I deserted them, etc. etc. I was blaming myself of spending so much with my friend on the other side of the time.

And this my friend, didn’t feel like a dream, not even a bit. It felt that maybe this is happening as everything “made sense”. I took out my phone and tried calling my dad to ask him where is everyone but before I heard back from him, I woke up to see my mom asking “What you want for breakfast!?”.

I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to see her around. The first thing I did was to write these down before my brain dumps it.

This whole experience made me feel how time travel might feel like (if it is ever possible) and how it could cause substantial change in our lives if we are not careful enough. This blog is just a way to immortalise this dream to remember for the rest of my life.


This was my note I took in the morning when I woke up and yes, I skipped mentioning about few parts from it because I can relate it to my recent experiences and felt like unreal in the dreams:

Went for tea across howrah bridge
Someone was getting married.
met friends who told it’s 2019, pleasantly surprised and then showed them photos they showed me after this trip of the same place. I thought they came back here again
when coming back told him to not hold back and travel as much as he can.
When I came back no one at home and when I asked for where is everyone, no one had idea. The house was occupied by someone else. The shops were taken over by unknown people. Checked time and it was 2040. Called dad to ask where is he but then woke up.



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